Twice a Week Lectures

The course focuses in teaching the distributed systems concepts through projects. The lectures prepare the students to execute the assignments.

Project report tenmplate

Lecture 1 - August 21st

  • Goal: Students should understand what the course is about and what is expected from them.
  • Topics:
    • Introduce students to software as a service life cycle
    • Introduce students to Distributed Systems
    • Introduce students to Lecture Topics
    • Introduce students to project Themes
  • Class Overview Slides

Lecture 2 - August 23rd

  • Goal: Students will understand the basics of microservices and messaging and preview the semester projects so students can understand what the course is about and what is expected from them.
  • Topics:
    • Walk through the transition from monolith’s to microservices, challanges encountered and potential solutions
  • Microservices Slides

Lecture 3 - August 28th

  • Goal: students will understand the project planning and execution timeline
  • Topics:
    • Project 5 step process
    • Apache Airavata background and motivations
  • Airavata motivation Slides

Lecture 4 - August 30th

  • Goal: Project steps and Understanding of Apache Thrift
  • Topic: Motivations for Apache Thrift
  • Thrift Lecture Slides

Lecture 5 - September 4th

  • Goal: Students will understand course requirements for using code repositories
  • Topic: Git and GitHub
  • Git Lecture Slides

Lecture 6 - September 6th

  • Goal: Students will understand basics of continous integration and deployment concepts and how they apply to microservices
  • Topic: Continuous Integration and Deployment
  • CI/CD Lecture Slides

Lecture 7 - September 11th

  • Goal: Students will understand basics of messaging systems and how they relate to microservices
  • Topic: Messaging, AMQP, and RabbitMQ for microservices.
  • Messaging Lecture Slides

Lecture 8 - September 13th

  • Goal: Project Review
  • Topic: Review project architecture and discuss any impediments.

Lecture 9 - September 18th

  • Goal: Students will understand use of Jetstream for Continuous Delivery
  • Topic: Introduction to JetStream.
  • Jetstream Slides

Lecture 10 - September 20th

  • Goal: Students will understand service discovery
  • Topic: Motivations behind Apache Zookeeper.

Lecture 11 - September 25th

  • Goal: Students will understand Identity and Access Management
  • Topic: Introduction to Keycloak.